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The idea of becoming an artist

surely was planted when my family moved from Chicago to Miami Beach. I was eight. Overnight, my known world of black and white city streets became a land of emerald, coral, and aquamarine. I had my first taste of coastal skies there and have lived by water ever since, in New Orleans and now in Mobile. My home and studio are in an historic neighborhood called Oakleigh. I paint in a north-facing classroom in the old St Joan of Arc school and share that space with Woodrow, a boxer, and Ziggy, a rescued Havanese.

I studied graphic design at Auburn University for part of a year after high school, briefly considered architecture, then dropped out of formal education to explore the domestic arts. Nine years later, I graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree. I learned to gild frames and use Photoshop from books. Working three years in art conservation allowed me the privilege of studying paintings from museums and fine private collections while I repaired passages of lost paint. 

My paintings may be seen at Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans and Ashland Gallery in Mobile. I teach workshops in oil painting once or twice a year, and am working on a book that describes my method and work.